The project is made for fun only!!!

we do not pursue the goal of inciting ethnic hatred, not advocating alkogol, drugs, prostitution and bla-bla-bla-bla oh oh bla-bla-bla eee

offend people anonimously by whatsapp

how it works?
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Why only whatsapp?

How will you pay?

how send it for free?


How it works?

You choose Dirty card, enter the victim's phone number (Whatsapp app must be installed on phone), and that’s all!) Dirty card will be delivered within a short period of time.

How the dirty card will be delivered?

Dirty card will be delivered to the victim via Whatsapp messenger from unknown phone number.

Why only Whatsapp?

Currently we deliver Dirty cards only via Whatsapp messenger. In the nearest future we will add other ways of delivery Dirty cards!

Can the victim know who sent the dirty card?

No, it is  impossible, we do not store any information about you, your connections, anything that can help find you.

Is it totally anonymous?

Yes, we even remove all information about the server-level connections. Do not worry, you'll not be found out.

How send the dirty card for free?

You can send Dirty card for free by sharing post about this project to your Facebook page. To do this just click the button "Freebie. Post on Facebook". Or enter the promo code that you can get by joining our "vKontakte" group - Gadskiy Ya or our group on Facebook - Disgusting Me

Why dirty card costs $ 2.99?

We preserve full anonymity of the sender, and go around all the technical locks of Whatsapp to ensure the victim  will get the Dirty card.

How to pay with Crypto currency?

Pay with crypto currency is very easy. You can choose 12 different currencies to choose from. Click the button "Pay Now", and then follow the instructions.

How to pay with

Paying with Qiw.comi is very easy. After clicking on the button "Pay Now" you get to the site All the details for payment are already filled in. You only need to confirm the payment! Important: Do not change the cost and the comment to the payment, otherwise we will not be able to make payment for the Dirty card you selected.

Why does it take 24 hours to deliver the Dirty card?

To ensure full anonymity of the sender.

What happens if I made a mistake in phone number?

In this case, the victim will not receive the Dirty card.

What happens if the victim has no Whatsapp app?

In this case, the victim will not receive the Dirty card. That's why be careful until you write the victim's phone number!

Can I send dirty card every day to the same victim?

Of course, Dirty cards will be sent each time from different number.

Write us disgusting

man, write smthing 0/300


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